Summer Retreat 2019

We have now reached the limit of participants, and any new applications will be added to a waiting list – thank you everyone for your interest. We hope this will be a great retreat.



Knowing and healing the heart-mind

During the meditative explorations of this retreat we will be using the structures within the most fundamental teachings of the Buddha regarding the development of the heart-mind (citta): The satipatthana sutta. By remembering, applying and deepening the faculty of mindfulness in all areas of life, we orient ourselves towards a state of being, where we can simply rest within awareness, instead of constantly striving to achieve some other mental- emotional state based on our personal preferences, or habitually trying to avoid those based on our resistances. In this way we can simultaneously allow the more boundless qualities of the heart-mind (love, compassion, joy and serenity) to shine forth and enrich our lives accordingly. The retreat will be held in silence within the monastic ethical structure of the 8-precepts, which includes also precepts of restraint, i.e. not having an evening meal! A schedule of sitting and walking meditation will be combined with active meditation such as cleaning. Besides sitting and walking meditation instructions, there will be some guidance in slow movement Kum Nye exercises and opportunities for group and/or personal dialogue.


Registration and practical information

Skogskloste buddhistsamfunn and Lokuttara Vihara would like to welcome you to the annual summer retreat at the monastery in Skiptvet.


There will be daily sessions of Buddhist teachings and meditation practice led by Ajahn Khemasiri, and the retreat will, as usual, take place in silence. Both new and familiar faces are welcome, but we recommend that participants have some previous meditation experience.

Ajahn Khemasiri
Ajahn Khemasiri


DURATION: From 22/6 to the 29/6. Unfortunately it is not possible to register for only part of the retreat.


COST: The teachings and the accommodation are offered freely, in accordance with the Theravada tradition, but donations to the monastery (and/or voluntary work in the future) are very welcome, please feel free to contribute as you see fit.


FOOD: Often the food every day is donated by volunteers who wish to support the retreat. If there are no volunteers, then the participants of the retreat will have to order catering together. In both cases some of the food is likely to be lacto-ovo vegetarian. Aside of that, special dietary needs or wishes might unfortunately be difficult to cater for. Also usually participants gather a small amount of money for simple breakfasts and for specific afternoon tonics.


ACCOMMODATION: The facilities are simple and there are limited spaces available. People staying in the cabins and the main house will have to share rooms. Camping on the monastery’s property is also possible for a more solitary stay. All accommodation is gender separated.


EIGHT PRECEPTS: All participants are expected to adhere to the “Eight precepts” throughout their entire stay at the monastery. (Please refer to this site for a description of the precepts:



Skiptvet buddhistkloster
Lundsveien 196


The retreat will start on Saturday the 22nd of June at 17:00, with practical information and orientation, and people are very welcome to arrive earlier and settle in. The retreat will end on Saturday the 29th of June, after the meal, around 13:00. And on Sunday the 30th there will be an informal and voluntary day at the monastery for those who would like to stay on and settle back into the world more softly, to talk and get to know the other retreatants, to enjoy the forest, to get to know the monastery, or to keep meditating in solitude in the forest.


The teachings will be given in English.


Questions and registration requests by e-mail to:

Please fill in this form and attach it in the email: Registration form Summer retreat ENGLISH

And also please state if you are willing to stay in a tent, or if indoor accommodation would be necessary and/or preferable to you.

We wish you a great retreat experience.

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