Dhamma Links

Dhamma (Sanskrit Dharma) is a Pali word meaning the Buddha’s teachings. We are fortunate to have a lot of good Dhamma resources freely available on the internet. According to tradition, it is generally not allowed to charge any fees for spreading the Dhamma. Here are some links and descriptions. May they be useful for your practice.

Our Dhamma Links

Dhamma Texts

According to the Buddha, the Dhamma is one of the greatest gifts to be given. There are many excellent sources for texts and eBooks online; here are some of them.

YouTube Channels

There are many good Dhamma talks by experienced teachers on YouTube. These videos offer learning, inspiration, and motivation in a way that may be especially useful for beginners.

Sutta Resources

The Suttas (Sutras) are the original teachings of the Buddha. Our Theravada tradition focuses on the Pali Canon, which are the oldest original scriptures coming from the Buddha himself. Beginners might benefit from starting with one of the reading guides linked below.

Other useful links