Mission statement

We are focusing on establishing and running Lokuttara Vihara – Skiptvet Buddhist monastery, and our purpose is to build an active and thriving community around this. Among other things we will be gathering around different events organized by the monastery. We are connected to the Skogskloster Foundation which owns the property in Skiptvet, about an hour away from Oslo. By establishing a traditional forest monastery here in Norway we will have access to competent Dhamma teachers.


The Skogskloster Buddhist Association should gather Theravada Buddhists and others interested in mindfulness and meditation, regardless of ethnicity, with the purpose of building an active forest monastery. As part of this work we focus on organizing various events connected to Theravada Buddhism and meditation. We are specifically connected to the Thai Forest Tradition of Ajahn Chah, and the teachers and style of practice in this tradition.

The Thai Forest Tradition and our practice

We usually have weekly activities and invite teachers to hold events, such as workshops and meditation retreats throughout the year. You can read more about how your meditation practice or Buddhist practice can be supported by association with us here.


In 2015 we established a monastery in Skiptvet in Østfold. There are now monks living there permanently as the resident sangha. See the facebook page for more current information.


The Skogskloster Association has been a member of the Norwegian Buddhist Federation or Buddhistforbundet since 2013, and receives funding from the government and county. If you want to support the Skogskloster Association through membership in Buddhistforbundet, you can become a member on their webpage.


If you want to contribute or take part in any way, you are most welcome to. Please contact us by email, or attend one of our events. Monetary donations are most welcome to our Skogskloster Association’s account number: 1503 30 58575. If you want to support the monastery directly you can find the information here.

Jonatan, who trained at our monastery for a year as an anagārika, managed to set up a meditation group in Göteborg, Sweden. We are in contact with them and occasionally give teachings online. You can find the group here.

What we can offer you?

The Skogskloster Association was founded in the autumn of 2011 and is still under development. Since the start we have steadily increased the number of activities, and will continue doing so. Regardless of what level you are on, or your level of experience, we can offer something for you. We engage with you where you are, whether it is as a beginner wanting to learn more about meditation, if you want to meditate to relieve stress in a busy everyday life, or if Buddhist practice is a lifestyle for you. Periodically we will have monks attending our weekly evening meditation and it will be possible to visit the monks where they live. This will be announced in our calendar.